• This year, the MEC Foundation plans to carry out humanitarian aid to those in need living in neglected regions. Our Qurban’s will be carried out in manner that is befitting to this noble act of worship by delivering them first hand to our brothers and sisters..

  • Forgotten Regions

    MEC International Qurban Organisation is preparing to fulfil its humanitarian and Islamic duty of Qurban. Our aim is to deliver qurban donations to our brothers and sisters who live in forgotten regions and who perhaps for hundreds of years have been neglected of humanitarian aid.
  • Important Regions

    Although the Muslim population of the Asia-Pacific region is three times larger than the Middle East, news and current affairs often focus on the Muslims living in the Middle East.

    The global powers of the world view this region as significant, however the same level of attention this region deserves is generally overlooked by Muslim countries.

  • Population of 250 Million

    The world’s most populous Muslim country and ranked the 4th largest country in terms of population density is Indonesia with a population of 250 million.

    Located in Southeast Asia and comprising of approximately 17 000 islands, a large proportion of Indonesia’s inhabitants are in need. During the colonial period and even now after independence many efforts have been exerted to distance the Indonesian people from their Islamic identity and values.

  • Conscious of Religion

    In spite of efforts to distance Indonesians from Islam, the number of religion conscious people in Indonesia continues to grow.

    In recent years, education about Islam has led to an increase in the number of people discovering their Islamic identity and initiatives to strengthen community relationships have become more common place and is on the rise in Indonesia.

  • Humanitarian and Islamic Duty

    MEC International Qurban Organisation is preparing to fulfil its humanitarian and Islamic duty of Qurban. Our aim is to deliver qurban donations to our brothers and sisters who live in forgotten regions and who perhaps for hundreds of years have been neglected of humanitarian aid.

  • Hand Delivered to Those in Need

    We strive not only to reach and provide aid to those in genuine need located in accessible regions but also to those who are situated in remote and difficult to access regions.
    Using only our own resources, at every stage we endeavour to seek those in genuine need and ensure the qurban donations are personally hand delivered without any intermediaries.


Our 13th International
Qurban Campaign

From donations across the globe, providing the gift of Qurban to Muslims
around the world – first hand.

For 11 years, MEC has engaged in an International Qurban campaign that embodies the true spirit of Qurban. Using quality Australian livestock & preparing them in modern facilities within the construct of Islamic methods, the handpicked cattle are cut and distributed to Indonesia first hand. By following the highest standards throughout the supply chain process, we aim to excel within the Qurban aid market.

Our Process

  • Our Organisation

    MEC Foundation was established following the passing of the great intellect, scholar and spiritual leader, Professor Dr. Mahmud Es’ad Cosan in order to ensure his visionary ideals and philosophy of love, compassion and humanitarian aid are carried out on an independent international scale.

    Since its establishment, MEC Foundation has assisted many communities in need and has provided financial, social and spiritual support to numerous humanitarian projects. Our objective is to focus on social justice and work towards meeting the physical and spiritual needs of those less fortunate.

  • Closer Look at Our Organisation

    Let us explore each step of our organisation.
  • Authorisation From Around The World

    MEC International Qurban Organisation: 100 Thousand Smiles Campaign begins firstly by receiving authorisations from qurban donors from anywhere around the world.
  • Classification

    All qurban donor authorisations received via our website are then sorted accordingly: Wajib, Nadhr, Aqiqah or Sadaqah.
  • SMS Notification

    Upon finalisation of payment and authorisation a confirmation sms with a reference number is sent to the donor.
  • Australia

    On Eid Al-Adha all the qurban authorisations are sorted into: Wajib, Nadhr, Aqiqah or Sadaqah.
  • Qurban Selection

    A strict selection criteria which screens the qurbans on requirements such as age, health etc is used to select, source and purchase.
  • Qurban Preperation

    According to Islamic guidelines the qurbans are slaughtered in government approved, modern and hygienic abattoirs.
    Officials from MEC Foundation along with professional butchers slaughter the qurbans by stating the name of the donor followed by the utterance of Takbir.
  • SMS Notification

    SMS notification is sent to confirm slaughter of the donor’s qurban.
  • Packaging and Quick-Freezing

    The slaughtered qurbans are then processed, packaged and stored at -21 degrees according to statutory rest periods.
  • Cold Chain

    After statutory rest period requirements are met, the qurbans are loaded into refrigerated containers at -21 degrees. Following regulatory checks the containers are then transported to the appointed regions for distribution.
  • Indonesia

    Upon arrival to Indonesia, the qurbans in the containers are loaded into refrigerated trucks. These trucks are driven to the region of distribution and meet with MEC officials who then unload and store the qurbans in cold storage.
  • Needs Analysis

    In coordination with local authorities, those who are in genuine need are identified and issued a reference number to enable a smooth distribution process.
  • Distribution

    On the appointed distribution day the qurbans are hand delivered without any intermediaries to those identified as in need. Thus, the most important step of the process is fulfilled.
  • Reporting

    After distribution of the qurbans, the donors are once again notified via SMS of this step. Furthermore, local authorities are provided a report that contains details about the region of distribution and how many families received a qurban donation.
  • Objective

    100% Pleasure of Allah
    100s & Thousands of Smiles
  • Objective

    100% Pleasure of Allah
    100s & Thousands of Smiles…


This year, give your Qurban donation to the MEC Foundation.
Fulfil your Qurban duties with confidence, peace of mind and in the best of ways.
Provide aid to the needy in Indonesia and be a part of 100 thousand smiles.

Donation Form

Once you have submitted your donation, you can track your Qurban via the reference number given and your email address.