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The Payment method and information on our site is coded under the Secured Socket Layer (SSL) protocol. The 128 bit SSL data transmission prevents third party reading or alteration.

Upon payment, credit card information is sent to the bank encrypted and processed under provision. Under any circumstance, we do not store credit card information, thus preventing third party access to this information.

Mahmud Esad Cosan( MEC) Foundation Australia, does not IN ANY WAY OR FORM store your credit card information.

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Instalments do not apply to your payments. However, your bank may reflect your credit card repayments in instalments. This encompasses your banks’ processing.

All received Qurban donations via proxy would be conducted and slaughtered within Australia's Eid al-Adha days. The Eid Day in Australia may vary by one day compared to Turkey.

The Qurban price charged by our foundation includes costs to international transportation, customs, administration expenses and etc. Any amount that may remain is considered to be in the discretion of the foundation.